openSUSE 13.1 ms2 secure boot on a usb

I managed to boot a secure boot stick by copying a iso image to a usb thumb-drive using suse studio.
using gparted I created two partitions on the large unallocated space.
Here is the partition structure

It is persistent. That is what is added will be there on the next boot. And what programs are added will be there when you decide to install

The partition structure is ImageBam

That looks pretty neat.

What do you use sdc3 and sdc4 for ? Is one of those /home and the other swap ?

After many failed attempts I discovered that kiwi persistent always put the read-write (cow?) at the small unallocated space at the beginning about 865 mb as /dev/sdc4 that gave the error

not enough space on cow

adding the sdc3 then sdc4 gave the directory structure sdc4 for kiwi to write to. sdc can be any sd that your thumb drive is

ps my signature is obsolete new computer how do I change it? or at least delete it

Click “settings” near the top right of screen. Then look for “edit signature” in the left column.

Thank you, nrickert

Good news I tested factory build 0524 live kde and it booted secure uefi this morning 11:18 gmt without changing anything and it booted to a graphical desktop

Excellent. Thanks for the update.