openSUSE 13.1 Memtest option disappeared from grub

I notice that openSUSE 13.1 Memtest option is disappeared from grub list at boot

I think this happened after the upgrade to KDE SC 4.13.1

should I worry for it or is it normal?

grub legacy or grub2? I’m using grub2 and I still have memtest in menu. I do not use KDE, but I would be rather surprised how it can matter.

I could be wrong. But I think you get Memtest when you install from live media, but you do not get it when you install with the DVD.

YaST is telling me that grub2 is installed

well, my installation is from DVD, and if I’m not wrong it was there till the upgrade to KDE 4.13

Check that the package “memtest86+” is installed.

If it is, try to reinstall it. That should create the entry.
Either select “Update Unconditionally” in YaST->Software Management, or run:

sudo zypper in -f memtest86+

OTOH, with grub2 the re-installation should not be necessary, if it is installed already.
Just re-create the grub menu by entering YaST->System->Boot Loader and pressing “OK”. (no change necessary)

thanks wolfi, in fact it was not installed, now is there :slight_smile: