opensuse 13.1 kde adjust autohide time

I had been using opensuse 12.3 and had setup a panel to the left with autohide.At that time i somehow adjusted hide time and made it faster at appearing/disappearing ect .I kept the home partition and installed new 13.1 .that computer is fine.
I then setup new laptop with clean install of 13.1 and want to make these change again but have looked all over setting and can’t find anything .researched on internet could not find anything only a old article that had these setting in system setting.Can’t find them now and have spent hours looking for settings.
It might be me can anyone help me find setting to change speed of autohide panel please

Try to change the “Graphical effects” setting in “Configure Desktop”->“Application Appearance”->Style->“Fine Tuning”.
I think this influences the animation speed.

That’s what I thought of, but it’s effect is on all animations.

Tried that but does not seem to make much difference
Maybe you can’t adjust any more

Sorry, I was just guessing…

You can disable the sliding popups effect in “Configure Desktop”->“Desktop Effects”->“All effects” and it should just fade in and thus appear faster.
Or disable desktop effects alltogether on the “General” tab and it should appear immediately.

I don’t think there was any other setting in 12.3…

Did some reading. The animation speed is set by the general one. You could file a request at

This has already been done (a few times):

As this hasn’t been implemented until now, I don’t think it will happen anymore in the KDE4 series, as kde-workspace is feature frozen and in bugfix-only mode.

Actually there is (in 13.1 as well), not sure why I didn’t see this earlier…

“Configure Desktop”->“Desktop Effects” has an option “Animation Speed” on the General tab.
This affects the speed of the (un)hiding of the panel as well.