OPENSUSE 13.1 guest display only 800X600

I have installed a PV Guest at 13,1 today on a SLES 11 SP2 Xen DOMN-0 xen-4.1.6

All installed ok but the display resolution in on;y 800X600.
I cannot change it any higher even auto did not make difference.
The SLES 11 guest all are at 1920 X1080.

It did not rn the display adapter config like SLES 11 does at the end of the install.
I even did Yast updates to see if something needed new version.
anyone else see this behavior?

Thanks for the time and space.


Have a look at

Support | How to change the console display size of a XEN VM

Thanks lucodealethea

That fixed the issue.
funny I compared a SLES 11 SP3 and SP2 guest no entry for xenfb and they have 1280X1024 desktops.
Only the Opensuse13 needed the added arg.
thanks again.!!!