OpenSUSE 13.1 GNOME on Surface Pro 1 - WiFi lost during update, unable to reconnect

I have been trying OpenSUSE with GNOME on a Surface Pro 1. Everything works great, WiFi, sound etc. However once I try to do a system update, it begins then drops out after a few minutes and the update fails and I have to make it stop.

After that, nothing I do can get the system back online again, the WiFi sees my router, I can even connect to it, but I cannot use the internet itself, no browsing, no updating or anything. It’s not the router as other machines see and use it just fine. I have tried reinstalling and repeating many, many times over the last month or so to the point where I’m worried about wearing my SSD out! I had another laptop that didn’t play ball with WiFi too well but using YaST to switch network control from GNOME to ifup? and back again would fix it, but that isn’t working here. Once the connection is lost, it seems to be gone forever.

I’m not familiar enough with WiFi on openSUSE to solve this myself, the problem does not appear in CentOS 7. I have had to put Windows back on for now as I need to get stuff done but if anyone has experienced anything similar, has any advice etc I would like to try again but I can’t be without a working machine for too long.


Closed on request of the OP. Not much useful information here and the OP does not which to work on it, at least not at the moment.

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