Opensuse 13.1 Gnome on Nexus 7 2013 (flo)?

Hi All,

I was just curious if anyone is aware of a version of OpenSuSE that can be installed on a Nexus 7, and still run Gnome 3? Or maybe someone has followed a good tutorial somewhere on how to do it? It seems like Gnome has added some features that you would normally see on mobile devices (maps and clocks for example). Android is nice, but I think a full-featured OS would make it a lot more versatile.

Thanks for anything!

Like most mobile devices, your Nexus likely runs on an ARM processor,
You need to identify the exact CPU and maybe start your exploration here

In general though, nowadays the biggest problem isn’t CPU support, it’s support for all the other peripherals built into your device. It’s fairly problematic since Google’s Android is its own branch and at least today doesn’t necessarily share with mainline Linux. This is supposed to change with a recent agreement but who knows when/what the details?

This is why there are really only two open source phone distros I’m aware of today…
Ubuntu Phone - A couple years old now, haven’t heard recently what hardware it runs on. I’ve seen it run on a Samsung Galaxy 3.
Cyanogenmod - A truly community effort that has been around for many years. Many different releases have been made supporting large numbers of different hardware.


Thanks! I’ll have a look at this page. It might get me on the right track, though I see a device list and the nexus 7 isn’t on it.

I’ve got my tablet rooted right now, with Cyanogenmod and Ubuntu Touch. It’s a dual-boot thanks to MultiROM. I’m not a fan of Ubuntu Touch yet, though.

Thanks again!