opensuse 13.1 - enable https on apache2 for use with owncloud.

I have owncloud6 running fine under http on a clean install of opensuse 13.1, but try as we might we cannot get apche2 (?) to run with https.

this being the precondition to forcing owncloud to only accept https traffic via the admin settings, as i understand it.

i set up the box with opensuse, installed RC2 via one-click from the OBS, and tinkered with the router settings, but the digging around in the various .conf files was beyond me, so there are limits to my technical understanding.

anyway, the router has services and firewall rules to forward both https and http traffic to the static IP of the opensuse box.

the opensuse firewall has has traffic enabled for both https and http.

owncloud itself is running fine, working from inside my network and externally (only in http tho).

apache seems to be running fine, i have a SSL cert generated, and apache has been started with SSL enabled. but all the various .conf files seem configured as should be appropriate.

two things puzzle us:

  1. a lot of online documentation around this apache2 SSL area argues for look at the ports.conf - we don’t have one in opensuse 13.1. we also don’t have a direct equivalent of some a2e command…
  2. someone was talking about how the virtual host, while setup for both port 80 and port 443 was defaulting to the former. having fixed this https worked fine. where would he have ‘fixed’ this?

any thoughts generally, or specific to the two points list, would be appreciated.

my thanks.

I’ve found this tutorial helpful, and still accurate for openSUSE 13.1. My owncloud runs on a very similar configuration, actually.

Create SSL Certificates In OpenSUSE 12.3 | Unixmen

What problem are you running into, exactly? Any relevant error messages?


i get as far as:

Configure the main site to use HTTPS
Edit the /etc/apache2/default-server.conf file and add **Include /etc/apache2/vhost.d/.conf **line in that file.
Include /etc/apache2/conf.d/
Include /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/*.conf

and get this from bash:

“If ‘Include’ is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
cnf Include”

Also, in all the stages up to now the commands have been accepted with absolutely no feedback in bash, is this normal?

AFAICS you’re trying to execute the .conf file. The thing you have to do to make changes have their effect, is to restart the webserver:

systemctl restart apache2.service

cheers, i have got past that bit, realised i need to be editing those lines into the conf files, not executing commands thru bash.

stuck here now:

i don’t see the second line in the quote from the turorial:

redirecting to systemctl restart apache2
Enter SSL pass phrase for localhost:443 (RSA): ******

another q:

the tutorial says - “<VirtualHost>”

which is what i have put in, but. should it be - “<VirtualHost ipaddress:443>”

I ran through the above mentioned tutorial for getting SSL setup w/ apache, and it was complaining about shmbc module being missing. I had to navigate to /usr/sbin and run ./a2enmod sochache_shmcb to work properly. FYI.