Opensuse 13.1 crazy high load on disks io

On my system I get a crazy high load that stutter my system and sometime also it hung. For example if I copy a big file from a usb hdd to my internal hdd i get and average load of 6-7, if I dd from my hdd to a sd card i get an ever worst load. If my system swap I get a load of 10-11. As result my system is unusable as soon it start to do some io.
I already changed my internal hdd with a new one so it is not a hdd issue.

toshiba satellite pro l650
4GB ram
1TB toshiba hdd
intel i5 first generation
amd 6550m

Do you have any suggestions?

Doing some more test I see that on kernel-desktop i get the stutters/hang, but not in kernel-vanilla, with both a similar load so it could be some kernel patch. Atm of writing the load is 7.85 but the system is usable as expected.

Is this a 32-bit system?

I’m guessing that the difference is the use of PAE - the extensions that allow access to more than 3G of memory on a 32-bit system.