Opensuse 13.1 boot options


Current i m using opensuse 13.1 and i need to change my /etc/fstab. cause one of my harddisk fails.
I would like to ask how can i input boot option at grub?

Previously opensuse 12.1 i can input boot option at below grub so i can boot to init 1 to modify /etc/fstab. but now i can’t find anyway to input.

Pls someone help tks

If you’re using grub2, you have to press ‘e’ at the boot menu to enter edit mode. Then search for the line starting with “linux” and append your additional options (like “1” to boot to runlevel 1) at the end. Press ‘F10’ to boot.

Booting into any Linux live media like CD/USB and then mounting the partition you wish to edit is also a solution.

Boot into a live cd, open a terminal and type in the following to become root:

su -

Then do the following to take over the system and be able to make the amendments to fstab using YAST:

mount /dev/sdX#
/mnt mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev
mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys 
chroot /mnt

This should start YAST and allow you to start the partitioner and make your changes. After you are done just close the terminal and reboot.