Opensuse 13.1 autoyast spawns package resolver run failed

Dear Opensuse.
I have run into a issue with Opensuse 13.1 X64 and autoyast. When trying to create a autoyast profile and installing a opensuse 13.1 system with the newly created autoyast profile. during the initial stage of the autoinstallation when running through the packages the system spawns a “package Resolver run failed” error. i can wait 8 seconds and the installation continues. but /var/log/YaST2/badlist shows the following conflict:

product:openSUSE-13.1-1.10.x86_64 requires product_flavor (openSUSE), but this requirement cannot be provided.

its pretty strange since i have created the autoyast xml file from a default opensuse 13.1 X64 installation (have changed nothing in the package selection ,and have accepted the defaults).
i have choosen “create reference profile” in autoyast. and even checked the xml with the validation tool in autoyast.
and i don’t have any add-on sections in my xml file
it’s pretty easy to reproduce. just install opensuse 13.1 X64 without adding any extra packages, just use the defaults, create a autoyast reference profile. and try to use it to deploy a new system.

found a workaround:
removing these two from the packages section solves the problem: