OpenSUSE 13.1 as the router on a Google Fiber connection

Hello community. I am schedule to get a Google Fiber connection at my house in the next couple of weeks (1Gbps up/down). I have been using SUSE behind a cable modem as my home router since version SUSE 9.0 and was dismayed at first that Google Fiber did not appear to allow any of my own devices to have the direct connection/public IPv4. Instead I’d have to use their own network box as the edge router and would only be able to access my own equipment/services through port-forwarding on their box. To make a long story short, the settings needed to setup your own router have come out and appear to be working. One such solution is documented here though it’s centered around using pfsense instead of OpenSUSE. The only thing I don’t like about that proposed solution is that it involves a dedicated external switch doing the VLAN and Priority Code Point tagging. I would much rather have all the settings configured and managed directly through an OpenSUSE router and, from what I have read up on the matter, it seems “vconfig” should be able to set both the 802.1q VLAN and Priority TAGs required to setup the connection correctly. VLANs are not new to me, but setting the priority bits is so I’d appreciate some advice to see if I can get this entirely setup and managed on OpenSUSE and avoid needing any additional equipment.

Here’s the short of what’s needed as I understand it:

  • WAN port must support 802.1q VLAN tagging, specifically to set VLAN 2
  • WAN traffic Priority (PCP) must be at least set to 3, though some add’l priorities are suggested as follows if possible:
  • DHCP to 2
  • IGMP to 6
  • Everything else to 3


Again, from what I have read it seems vconfig should be able to set both the needed VLAN and Priority bits to do this but I would really appreciate a knowledgeable second opinion on whether the principles documented in the PDF linked above could be entirely implemented on OpenSUSE alone, specifically OS13.1.

Kind regards from Kansas City, thank you.