opensuse 13.1 and xen 4.3.0_14 / kernel 3.11.6-4 paravirtual vm creation issue

hi community,

I succesfully installed 13.1 with hypervisor xen with the following restrictions on my Asus g74s i7 2630Qm:
UEFI boot didn’t work to boot xen hypervisor, re-installed with standard Bios boot, and then worked fine.

bridge virbr0 sucessfully created and with virtual machine manager I could create Full virtualized machine Sles11 or W7, but when creating paravirtualized VM, got the message Kernel not found

: "could not find a kernel path for virt type ‘xen’ " in module line 511

tried to specified the kernel and initrd path in details for config, but didn’t help neither

Any help is welcome ! Or forward for distro 13.1 correction ?

thx in advance


I succeeded in booting directly xen.efi (you find it in /usr/lib64/xen, contained in xen package) without grub. Some other notes in the Internet (I dont remember the URL) are saying similar.
I suppose it is a bug or missing Feature of grub/xen.

copy xen.efi to /boot/efiEFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.efi
creating a mini-config /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.cfg (see for Details)
adding an entry to EFI Firmware using efibootmgr


Hi Stef,

great news about booting EFI ! I will implement soon.
did you get to the point you could successfully create a Paravirtualized VM ( SLES, Fedora or Ubuntu ) using
virt Manager in Yast or via xl ?
As I mentionned, only Hvm works fine, the PVM returns Error.


Hi Luco,

yes I have some existing virtual Opensuse 12.3 machines (DomU) that I ran unchanged on a 13.1 Dom0. They started and worked ok except PCI passthru.

PCI passthru is not yet working (I have PCI Cards for DVB with a virtual machine runnning vdr, it always gets a “ioremap error” in the DVB Driver).


Could somehow create a PVM using comand-line

vm-install --no-restart --preserve-on-error
–vm-settings /etc/xen/vm/sles11.xml

then switching to Virt-Manager would eventually shutdown and finish install, but would face issues afterwards.

Decided to upgrade libvirt 1.1.4 and xen to 4.3.1 adding repository Virtualization Index of /repositories/Virtualization/openSUSE_13.1


Didn’t bother upgrading kernel-xen 3.12 yet.

Then restarting PVM with xl create configfile ( found in /etc/xen/vm directory)

Then in Virt-Manager work fine now ( open, shutdown, run, clone )

Also works with command xl vncviewer domain



Thanks for the hint. Upgrading to XEN 4.3.1 solved my PCI passthru Problems.