opensuse 13.1 and wmv files

hi all:

i am trying to get wmv files working on opensuse 13.1 by following the opensuse wiki page:

but there is no “mplayer-plugin” any more (it seems to be defunct long time ago, as google search results) but i do see “mplayer2” and few other “mplayer2” related codes. but those codes seem to conflict with mplayer1.1 that came with the opensuse:

#### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2014-08-03 12:59:10 ####

mplayer2-as-mplayer-20130427-3.15.i586 conflicts with MPlayer provided by MPlayer-1.1.1.r37239-1.2.i586

     ] do not install mplayer2-as-mplayer-20130427-3.15.i586

     ] Following actions will be done:
deinstallation of MPlayer-1.1.1.r37239-1.2.i586
deinstallation of gmplayer-1.1.1.r37239-1.2.i586
deinstallation of moviethumbnailer-1.6.0-1.3.noarch

if i am reading right, the option 2 will have mplayer2 replace mplayer1? if so, why not just simply deprecated mplyaer1 when opensuse13.1 was crafted?

The page you are following is horribly outdated.

Please take a look here;

You will need the propritary codacs Since openSUSE is open no propritary stuff ships with the OS you have to install separately

Here is the easiest way

thanks. that solve the issue.