OpenSUSE 13.1 and Matrox G450 eTV video adapter issue

Hello All - I am here today looking for some suggestions to educate myself about this new Linux opsys and my older box hardware. Compatibility is the present over-riding issue in that I am having an issue with .MP4 files not displaying the video portion while the audio is proper. But that’s not my present concern.

So, my question is what experience has anyone had utilizing this particular graphics hardware with the new version 13.1? I would also like to engage in conversation those who have seen issues with this video adapter and what the recommendation is absent disposing of it and using another vendor. Sorry to be so broad of a topic but anything that I might glean from instruction received here will be considered and I will push onward with my Linux career, even as short as it now is.

Thanks to anyone who makes an offer of help or suggestion.

So this is old video hardware, based on my first search on the internet and its doubtful much change will be seen with it in the future. If you have something new to add though, please let us know.

So, my question to you is have you upgraded your PC per the following Multimedia guide?

If not, you need to once follow the guide and report back on any improvement.

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Yes, I had followed that guide successfully but it was with some more helpful advice that I was able to get the .MP4s to play.

I am interested in having Linux push this hardware to its max and relegating the box to a semi-server status in the network. But I was curious more about the drivers that the hardware is utilizing with 13.1 at the time. Any assistance in that regard will be appreciated.

Well, in general, doing a kernel upgrade puts the very latest drivers into your PC and is what I do. It just hard to say how well it helps old hardware, but it seldom hurts the situation and what I suggest.

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