Opensuse 12 is a breath of fresh air!

Okay. Long time kabuntu/ubuntu user. I also have dabbled in Fedora as well. But I was getting so frustrated with how ****** the new upgrade from Ubuntu 11 was. I couldn’t get anything working right. So I had used suse a while back (version 8) and I remember it being, nothing too special as far as distros go.

So I finally came back and I am just impressed with everything.

  • Yast/Zypper - holy ****! Compared to Sudo apt-install xxx and ****en Ubuntu’s “software (slow as ****) store” this is just amazing! Its simple, its minimal, everything is touch and go. Not to mention being able to configure and change all your settings with ease. Zypper works just as good as the YaSt graphical. I was pretty amazed at that since I’m so used to having to do everything in terminal. I was about to toss my keyboard out the window dealing with Ubuntu.

  • Desktop - I chose Gnome. I am regretting that choice and now I think I will go to XFCE again. Not that I hate Gnome. But “old dogs.”

  • Start up - fast and no clutter!

-cpu runs cool and wine installed with no problems amazingly. The drivers which were in the repositories were correct. You wouldn’t believe the struggle I had getting my ATI/AMD drivers to work in Ubuntu.

  • Add ons - very nice. I had to drop in a few apps I need for work but short of that. I think I’ve found the perfect mesh of productivity and fun.

Thanks guys for keeping suse open and putting out a gorgeous release!

I am glad you had such a positive experience. Welcome and I hope you stick around. :slight_smile:

Welcome openSUSE user! Your Linux experience will be valuable here. We can always use the help and contributions of more knowledgeable users. :slight_smile:

You are welcome here and your contribution is appreciated (as you see above).

Nevertheless, you posted this in the forum that is available for handling questions about the forums themselves. Such as login problems,readability problems, you name it), but not about openSUSE itself.

This thread will therefore be moved to General Chitchat. Please do not post until moved.

Moved (sorry, forgot it a bit) and open again.