openSUSE 12.3 with ATI Catalyst 12.10

I have a Radeon HD 6850 graphics card, and it works fine with the most recent fglrx ATI driver; unfortunately, that driver has a bug causing it to not work properly with The Cave, so I’m working on downgrading it to 12.10.

I first tried installing the 12.10 package from here, but it wasn’t packaged correctly, and I get an error about the SHA1 hash. So instead I downloaded the driver straight from AMD, but it’s incompatible with the 3.7.x kernel as-is. Luckily, I found a patch to get it to compile, which I applied, and everything appeared to work as expected.

Unfortunately, while the module appeared to build and install correctly, openSUSE now hangs when I try to boot. I can boot fine into recovery mode and runlevel 3, but not regular runlevel 5.

Any ideas? I’m not sure where to look to find what the error might be.

to assess the status can you post here the content of the following files,



and the /var/log/Xorg.0.log to SUSE Paste and post the reference to it here

nb1. its assumed the install from Index of /mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_12.3 was uninstalled before installing from amd

nb2, its assumed the amd install was made from init 3 level

Well, I think I found the problem in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old:

    83.233] (II) LoadModule: "fglrx"
    83.233] (II) Loading /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/
    83.243] (EE) Failed to load /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/ /usr/lib64/xorg/modules/drivers/ undefined symbol: noXFree86DRIExtension
    83.243] (II) UnloadModule: "fglrx"

From what I can tell after doing some more searching is that this is a known incompatibility with Xorg 1.13, so unless I can downgrade it to 1.12, then this driver isn’t going to work. =/