OpenSuse 12.3 + Win7 on SSD : Linux corrupts Windows Installation

I installed first Win7 Professional 64 Bit on a fresh Samsung 840 Pro SSD. After configuring devices and users everything was ok, no problems.

Then I installed OpenSuse 12.3 64 Bit, configured devices and users and everything was ok, no problems.

And now the trubble started: I tried to start Win7. First in Grub I selected Win7, then the Win7 Bootloader started. Here I’m not sure, but I think it proposed the recovery mode. The boot process started, but the machine rebooted before finishing. I tried to boot in command prompt and several other modes, but nothing worked. Sometimes it showed a list of DLLs before rebooting.

Now I moved the SSD to another machine. There the behaviour is different: In system recovery options I should select the OS to recover, but the list is empty. It states I should load a driver for my HD in that case. But there is no driver at samsung site.

So it seems, that somewhere during the OpenSuse 12.3 installation the windows partition was corrupted.


Windows Recovery says: CorruptAcl

The automatic repair gives up.


i experience similar problem: I have had dual boot for Win 7 + OpenSUSE 12.2. After upgrade to 12.3. there is only an option to start Win7 recovery. I assume the problem lies in settings of the Bootloader (GRUB2 or GRUB) but I don’t know how to adjust them: I experimentes with several options but without success :(.

OP the problem is you booted to the Windows recovery and some how corrupted things. Hard to tell what you did since you said you tries to abort it???

Easiest to explain solution is reinstall.

Once you get openSUSE running again go to yast - boot loader - Options and be sure that the probe foreign OS is checked press OK then press OK may take a minute

This should make sure ALL Windows partitions are found and added. Note Linux can not tell a Windows boot from a Windows recovery. So you will have 2 Windows menus items one will go to recovery the other to Windows itself. If you boot to recovery don’t do anything except reboot. Running recovery can bork the whole thing.