openSUSE 12.3 upgrade to xen 4.3?

I have found this Virtualization repository Index of /repositories/Virtualization/openSUSE_12.3/x86_64 which contains xen-4.3.0_12-278.6.x86_64.rpm.

My system has xen-4.2.2_06-1.16.1.x86_64.rpm installed. What is the recommended way to upgrade to xen 4.3 after the repository has been added through YaST?

Never used xen myself, but I would:

  • Enter YaST->Software Management
  • Click on “View…” and choose “Repositories”
  • Select the Virtualization repo on the list to the left
  • Click on “Switch all system packages to the versions in this repository” right above the list of packages on the right.
  • Click “Accept”

After you’ve added the repo using whichever method you choose, update your system with

zypper up


Thanks for the advice. I seem to have almost succeeded. My Windows 8.1 VM appears to be running according to the Virtual Machine Manager display but attempts to connect to the console receive Error: viewer connection to hypervisor host got refused or disconnected.

Also, in the *Kickoff Application Launcher *there are two Create Virtual Machines for Xen and KVM entries, one with (vm-install) one without.