OpenSuse 12.3 Tweaktool instructions ignored and crash after hybernate

In both my laptops (HP and Fujitsu) after installing OS 12.3 +gnome and set the tweaktools to avoi hybernation when lid is closed (lid closed —> action=nothing), I’ve notice that the command is ignored by the machine and if I close the lid the system hybernates. Volume control and brightness works, so I think that is more a OS problem than a notebook one. Any suggestion?

Are Laptop lid close on batter,laptop lid close on a/c and power button action set to “nothing” ?

Also try

Yes I’ve done that, but it seems that those settings are ingnored by the system…

The extension is no more supported by gnome 3.6, as said in the link that you suggested…

Yes . But look workaround provided by @SapphireKnight