openSUSE 12.3 RC1 reboots into emergency mode right after installation

Thanks taytong888…

I have not submitted any bug report… and I have not looked to see if any has been submitted
I have just been using this forum to see if other users had similar or same issues…

After=... langset.service

I think I know what’s going on. Please remove /usr/lib/systemd/system/langset.service and try to reboot.

I wonder why I do not have it.


I found the following: Bug #802747 (Live CD boots into emergency mode).


  1. No link provided
  2. DVD boots fine
  3. Workaround:

#mount /home
#systemctl default

After the workaround being performed, the screen will show Autoconfiguration then Login windows

Since NetworkManager settings are not available (Bug#802956), another reboot will restore NM configuration screen.

I am updating 12.3 RC1 with 364 packages.



This may be slightly off topic, but I was struggling with this issue too. I was trying to install RC1 alongside 12.2 as dual-boots. Switching from “normal” partitions to LVM eliminated the problem, but I had problems with the dual-boot configuration (I’ll save that for a separate post though).

I tried ‘arvidjaar’ suggestion and removed /usr/lib/systemd/system/langset.service/… rebooted the system. It now run through to complete approx 84% of the ‘Automatic Configuration’ and then drops into the shell where it freezes and would not respond to any inputs (keyboard or mouse). Had to do a hard reset of the PC to reboot

I have put the file back and will now try with…

mount /home
swapon -a
systemctl default

If this fails, might try with the DVD

That’s different problem now.

I have put the file back

No, this file should not be there. It is already fixed in Factory.

Leave out “swapon -a”, otherwise it doesn’t work. I did try leaving “sawpon -a” first.

12.3 is now installed… it took a re-install and 3 attempts to get it… the 1st attempt after the initial drop into shell…
logged in…

rm /usr/lib/systemd/system/langset.service

mount /home
swapon -a
systemctl default

I got as far as Automatic configuration… it stopped and presented a window prompt asking to continue yes/no…
I selected yes at which point if dropped into the shell and froze.
Power reset to reboot… boot from disk and went through the same process again… another failure.
Repeated a 3rd time and at the prompt 'continue yes/no… I selected no
This allowed the install continue and present me with the Graphical Login Screen…
Once I was logged in, I preceed to the online update when that was done, configure the system using yast.
added some repositories to get some of the applications I want to use…

12.3 working… I hope the next release will prove to be an easier install…
Thanks for the help from all you guys espacially arvidjaar and taytong888 )…
I have certainly enhanced my skills with understanding the boot process a little better.


First attempt: I used all 3 commands including “swapon -a”. This did not work.

Second attempt: I only used the first and third command, and left out “swapon -a”. Success!

I hope this is helpful to those still encounter the same problem as I did.


I too was having the same symptoms. So I removed “/usr/lib/systemd/system/langset.service” and then typed:

mount -a
systemctl default

I was then able to boot. I haven’t rebooted yet, so maybe I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch… :wink:

Wouldn’t just removing the langset.service be enough? To me it looks like this prevents the system from mounting /home properly.

Yes, I guess if you rebooted right after you removed the file. But I was stopped somewhere in the middle of the booting process at the command prompt. So I think “systemctl default” continues the boot up.

I am so happy I found this. I had been pulling my hair out with this one. Great work. Is there a bug report for this? Hopefully this will be a top priority fix for rc2.