openSUSE 12.3 on my tablet pc

Running Windows 8 since before it’s release on my Samsung Slate 7 tablet PC, I dumped it last night and installed Os. I like it! Some minor issues which I’ll figure out but on the whole … I’m diggin’ it !!

Great. Could you tell a bit more about the “minor issues”?

I wasn’t sure this was the forum for “issues” :slight_smile: but I’d be glad to detail what I know so far, be advised I spent about two minutes in chapter 26 of the manual.

  1. Pinning apps to the task bar does not work as it does on my desktop, the tablet has a pen, (watcom drivers are installed) clicking on the menu item launches it, I thought it would bring up the Add to desktop, Add to panel menu.
  2. Configuring the wireless NIC seems to be more difficult than necessary? I understand the need for security but the Kwallet is a pain, I’ve disabled it. I haven’t found a way to fully configure the network through NetworkManger, which seems a little redundant when the Network Setting in Yast works great and I wish NetworkManger was easier to disable … I know that’s not tablet specific.
  3. There seems to be a slight pen calibration problem on the menu items, if I use my finger to select the menu pick it works but takes multiple taps with the pen.

That’s all I have for now. Like I said I installed this late last night and haven’t had much chance to actually use it.

I’d post about this in the Help - Hardware forums + Network forums.
In short: assuming the device should be mobile, I’d use the networkmanager, it should provide the same functionality.

But, and this belongs in Chit-Chat: are you aware that KDE Plasma Active exists? It’s KDE but for touch based devices. Just checked, but there don’t seem to be 12.3 packages yet.

I did not know that KDE Plasma Active exists, I’ll check that out and be waiting for the 12.3 release.

This tablet is technically mobile and does travel with me, but I use it at home too. it’s nice to be able to work while watching Ice Hockey or football, plus serves as a tray that allows you to carry two beers. In addition because the SSD is only 128 GB I had it attached to large iSCSI drives while at home.

Well, that’s a situation one would typically use the Networkmanager for. The wallet is a good feature, once you get the hack of it.
Another thing to check is Systemsettings - Input devices. You might find some configs that help configure the pen behaviour.

Thanks so much, I’ll check that out.

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What about a hybrid laptop/tablet? They usually go with an intel processor which includes a built-in graphics card which should be enough to play EVE. If it doesn’t you can try looking for one with a seperate graphics card (if they exist already).

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