opensuse 12.3 on lenovo X1C - how to get external monitor working

can someone post directions for this?

thx mark

Your Lenovo X1C has a Usb to dvi/vga adapter ? When you plug it in to the monitor, and type ‘xrandr’ in a bash shell, what do you see ?

I wrote the following for openSUSE-11.1 ( ! ) KDE but it may still be applicable to openSUSE-12.3 KDE : … If your desktop is not KDE then someone else may need to chime in with suggestions.

Further to my post, I should add that I do not know much about using (and I have never used myself) a USB to dvi/vga adapter. It may use a framebuffer video driver (?) , possibly “udlfb” , where if it uses ‘udlfb’ (and I’m not sure) you can find documentation on it on your PC under /usr/src/linux-3.7.10-1.11/Documentation/fb/udlfb.txt

A couple of (slightly old) Phoronix articles on this subject of driving an external monitor with a USB adapter:

Note I am assuming your lenovo X1C does not have a VGA nor an HDMI port. If that assumption is incorrect, please advise.

I just looked at the specs and the X1C should have a mini-Displayport connector … so no need for the displaylink usb stuff … just need the right mDP-to-whatever cable (and/or dongle) for the monitor