opensuse 12.3 md5sum and sha ( 64 bit )

hello friends …
I md5sum and sha1 values ​​opensuse 12.3 (64 bit) is necessary …
I could not find where the author …
share your experience … Thank you …

It is not a requirement but is only used to check the quality of the down load.

So it is unclear did the iso you downloaded pass or not pass the tests?

If not then you need to download again. If it passes then you can burn the iso to disk or USB stick and again test by running the media test. if it pass taht then you have a good download and burn so you can proceed with the install.

SHA-1: 57F4802CE497BB226A3A03963147B7C4B4030EC2

MD5: 02F33A86FF8E89C415F59DA2618F4930

CRC32: C595915A

opensuse 12.3 64-bit values ​​in me … Is it true.
download 10 times because …
but not the installation … (-)
lenovo N500 series computer … and installation in windows 7 64 bit … (+)
but opensuse 64 bit (-)

On 05/03/2013 08:16 PM, gogalthorp wrote:
> If not then you need to download again.

or repair the faulty download with (say) torrent or rsync…read
and here:


On 05/03/2013 08:36 PM, erolbas wrote:
> SHA-1: 57F4802CE497BB226A3A03963147B7C4B4030EC2

that is correct for the 64 bit DVD

> MD5: 02F33A86FF8E89C415F59DA2618F4930

and, that is correct for the 64 bit DVD

> CRC32: C595915A

no idea where that comes from…

if you are getting the above sha1 and md5 then just burn media, boot
from it and run the self test you get by selecting “Check
Installation Media”

read more in “Download Help” link on download page.


Lenovo N500 series …

I’m on this computer opensuse 12.3 (32 bit) to use … no problem …
I have windows 7 and windows 8 on this computer (64 bit) to use … no problem
I’m on this computer pardus 20111 (TR - TURKEY) (32-bit and 64-bit) to use … no problem …

Opensuse 10 times to download and burn cd … but able to use your 64-bit opensuse. (-)

To check the bios settings … no problem …

at the very beginning of the installation to select the language and display resolution … After starting the computer again … start again, start again …

screen resolution options to try … all of them …
start again … start again … start again … consists of spiral …
opensuse 32-bit (12.3, no problem …)

Are you using live or DVD ?

yes… DWD

Those all look correct.

I checked these on my copy of the iso. I also checked the pgp signature.

Those checksums are hexadecimal. My software gives the result with lower case letters. Your software is giving uppercase letters. But that difference upper/lower case does not matter for these check sums.

If those are the values that you got, then you have a good download.

greetings and respect …
to thank everyone … use plenty of linux and be happy …
friendly stay …