OpenSuse 12.3, Kmail, Background Colors

I got OpenSuse 12.3 64 bit installed on my desktop and it works awesome. I have KDE as my DE. So I use Kmail as my email client. But I can’t figure out how to create an email with a background color or using a tile for the background. I have it set to HTML. How do I change background colors in in a Kmail email?

kmail background colours are set in KDE system settings. You need to keep in mind that if you change the background colour in system settings it will also change the background colour in a multitude of other kde apps.
This will also only effect what you see - it will have no effect on the background colour the recipient sees.

I don’t think you are going to find much support for getting something like a stationery option to include background colours or images in kmail as this type of thing is usually strongly discouraged in email etiquette.

Then I guess kmail doesn’t do a very faithful job of rendering HTML.

kmail does a pretty good job at displaying received html emails but it is less than average (although much improved in the past year or so) at composing html messages.