OpenSuse 12.3 KDE can't automount CD's

I’ve been trying to figure out for some time now how in the world to automount a CD / DVD in KDE on OpenSuse 12.3 everytime a new disk is inserted. I have seen the device notifier options to automount specific named CD’s that have already been cached in the device notifier, but have never found a way to automount a new, unknown CD to some known directory. Is this even possible yet?

Are you speaking about an Audio CD? And if so, what do you want to do with it? Normally I just rip Audio CD’s and not use them again. For Data CD’s, they should provide an option to mount them, but they don’t mount unless you select some action for them to take, like using Dolphin to browse it.

Thank You,

Thanks for the reply. I almost always mount data CD’s and DVD’s and I would like to work with them directly in the command line if it can be automounted to a fixed location. Opening automatically with dolphin would not be as ideal but would probably still work for me.

I found a solution to the problem using autofs. I added the line below to my file and can now access it from command line or dolphin in the /mnt location. Hope this maybe helps others out.

/mnt -fstype=auto,ro :/dev/sr0