openSuse 12.3 desktop

I have accidentially closed the window on my default desktop, how do i get it back? I am referring to the opaque window with
the firefox,support,kinfocenter icons in it. Also is it possible to change the opacity and the size of this window.

Thank you

Right click on the desktop.
Select “Add Widgets” (you might have to “unlock widgets” if you don’t see that option).

Move the slider near the bottom of the screen, until you can see the “Folder View” widget.
Drag that to where you want it on the desktop.

You will then probably need to right-click on your new “Folder View”, and select “Folder View settings”.
Then check the box “Show the Desktop Folder”.

I don’t think you can change the size of the folder-view widget. Your desktop theme will affect how it appears.

When you are done, then lock widgets so that you are less likely to accidentally delete it again.

It looks as if this is on KDE. But please, next time, do not let your potential helpers guess what you are using.

Yes you can (provided your widgets are not locked).

When you move the mouse over the folderview plasmoid a bar appears (like with every other plasmoid).
Click on the first symbol in that bar and drag it to your desired size…

Thank you everyone for your help, sorry about not mentioning my desktop, an
over sight on my part,