Opensuse 12.3 blowfish


We’re migrating services from and old opensuse 11.1-32 server to a new 12.3 x86_64.

We’ve ubuntu clients trough nis+NFS.
Passwords in the old server are encrypted using blowfish and ubuntu clients areset to use blowfish too.

We’ve set nis on the new server and tried to authenticate from the client with a test user but autentication does not work.

We’ve seen that OS12.3 is set by default with SHA512 encryption form passwords and there is no way to set it to use blowfish: options are DES, MD5, SHA256, and SHA512, but no blowfish.

how can I set it to use blowfish?


For security reasons, you should not - Blowfish has been cracked; hence the move to SHA512.