OpenSUSE 12.3 64bit - disappearing desktop icons


I have a problem with OpenSUSE 12.3 64bit version. My dekstop icons keep disappearing after every reboot. To show them, I have to delete the current desktop activity and create a new one. After that, all my desktops icons are there again.

What could cause this ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome here.

As this is about a desktop, please xplain which desktop you use (KDE, Gnome, LXDE, …), we can not guess that.

As 12.3 is long out of support, you must have it running aready for some time. Thus I assume that this problem strated only to happen a short while ago. Can yoiu please confirm that.

When this problem is introduced a short while ago, can you connect it to any changes in software installed? I ask, because 12.3 is long outof support and thus no more updates are available IMHO.

Hi, sorry I forgot to mention it’s KDE. Yes, I can confirm that this problem started recently, about 2 weeks ago.

Well, the problem is on 4 computers, 3 of them had a new kernel installed recently but the last one did not. So I guess new kernel won’t be the trigger.

12.3 is out of support for some time (ie no new updates) . Where are you getting updates for it??

I do not really know. I work for a company so I have no clue where they get the updates. I just need to figure out why the icons keep disappearing.

That is a bit strange. You can not realy be responsible for debugging such problems when you do not have access to all change information of the systems.

That makes sense. However, any ideas what the problem might be ?

No. If I remember correctly, I once run openSUSE 12.3 with KDE, but I can not remember I ever experienced what you experience. As, logicaly, I have no 12.3 available any more, I can also not try to reproduce your problem.

If someone is throwing untested or supported kernels into the mix it is very hard do say where the problem is.

I suppose you need to start with the video. What card/chips and what drivers? If using proprietary drivers were they recompiled for the new kernel? Do you have the kernel source for the new kernels so you can compile the drivers? If using the open source drivers then it is possible the kernel changes may break some of the external video packages. It is possible that you may need to recompile some stuff for the new kernel.

Also are you sure that is is openSUSE and not SUSE?? These are different and do have different support times.