opensuse 12.2

just download opensuse 12.2

kernel 3.4.6 and some what
KDE 4.8.4

and more packages that you must upgrade to have the newest

after 12.2 rc2 and all the updates
i do not install this release then i have to do all the upgrades again
just a upgrade and leave the kernel and kde as it is know

I am not sure what you downloaded and what versions you wish to update. This is what I did this morning to upgrade from openSuSE-12.1, kernel-3.5.3, KDE-4.9.0, to the latest “stable” versions for me. This is on real hardware (i.e. not a virtual machine)

I performed zypper dup --from these repositories:

I had to reinstall VirtualBox – I use the Oracle rpm. Apart from that I have not noticed anything amiss. I have spent a couple of hours using it with Scribus, LibreOffice writer, GIMP, Okular, and VirtualBox (testing existing VMs, including a working SIP PBX). So far pleasantly surprised.