openSUSE 12.2: WLAN interface & ssid disappeared after changes to AP


Multiboot PC with Windows 7, openSUSE12.2 and other Linux distros. Wireless adapter is Trendnet TEW-642PI, firmware rt2800pci.

Yesterday I made the following changes to the AP so that our guests can access the network:

Wireless mode: from N only to Mixed N&G

Wireless channel width: from 40 MHz to 20 MHz

This morning on boot up Network Manager shows no WLAN connection and SSID scan shows no SSIDs available. I went to YAST > Network Settings to make changes, e.g. delete & recreate, etc. but still no go. Booting into other Linux distros show same wireless problems. Booting into Windows show normal wireless connection and I am able to get to the Internet.

As a trial, I plug in a TP-Link usb wireless adapter (firmware rt2800usb) then I was able to get to the Net after setting up via YAST > Network Settings > ifconfig. I am typing this in openSUSE as the connection to the forum is available with the usb wireless adapter.

Any suggestions to help me re-enable wireless connection with the Trendnet adapter?

Thanks a lot for your help.


I forgot that I had also changed the secret passphrase of the AP, no wonder Kwallet kept asking for its password despite me using correct kwallet password. I then removed kwallet via add/remove. Problem remained after reboot, i.e. very slow web page loading, I think because NM is confused because one same AP name represents 2 connections to 2 different wireless cards.

Problem resolved after I unplugged the usb wireless adapter and added the MAC address of the AP to its “BSSID” box. Now there’s only one existing Trendnet pci wireless card in use.