OpenSUSE 12.2 Various things do not work for me

Firstly in KDE the keyboard changes to some form of English layout instead of French. The YAST setup shows French and I have to change it something else and then back to French before it has the correc tlayout
Secondly during boot

  • the NetworkManager service fails to start
  • the clamd service fails to start
  • network service fails to start

I have been using SUSE since 9.6 and never had the first problem before.
Any ideas where to change things. I have not provided logs but can if necessary

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I am sorry, but what you made here is not going to work very well.

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Keyboard bit moved to
SUSE 12.2 New install NetworkManager fails to start

the latter is at

Hi, welcome here.

In KDE you can overrule the system’s keyboard settings, and that’s probably what’s happening: KDE is “correcting” the keyboard setting.
Go Systemsettings - Input devices - Keyboard - Layouts - Configure Layouts and add the French keyboard layout needed. Then select it to be the default one.

Thanks Knurpht for the reply
The KDE system settings is set as fr first followed by English. Other settings are switching policy Global and Alternative shortcut as Ctrl+Alt+K
I will try removing the English and see what happens

Hi again
Removed the English keyboard and left just the French one. Now everything is correct for the French keyboard, though whether this means I can’t use an English keyboard I do not know

Just one thing, for me at the moment. YaST2 doesn’t seem to let me install anything at the moment. It downloads all the software and then just stops during installation…

Any ideas would be helpful.

I wonder if apper is getting in the way

SDB:Apper troubleshooting - openSUSE

Did that and now my laptop is completely f*cked. It’s not even letting me re-install the system…

I would say you have a lot more serious problems with the install than just apper then. Backup any data, and start over. If you installed via DVD, then you better check the install media too.