openSUSE 12.2 User and Password field in lightdm

I am finally getting around to updating my tired openSUSE 11.4 netbook image. This image serves a lot of under powered Atom clients and requires a lot of customization. I am testing my final image based on openSUSE 12.2 running xfce 4.10 and it is one of the best! This is not thanks to my work, but the work of the developers and community. The move to GRUB2, systemd, and plymouth have all had a huge impact. My Asus 1000HE boots to the login screen from a cold boot in 21.3 seconds.

There is one thing I have not been able to figure out. How to include both a username and password field in the lightdm greeter. I am not seeing any configurable options in /etc/lightdm.conf or /etc/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf. I have been playing around with object class id=“login_box” in /usr/share/lightdm-gth-greeter/greeter.ui without much luck yet.

Does anyone know if it is possible to have both the username and password fields available at login?

I am using sssd and ldap against an eDirectory tree for login. The issue I am running into is if authentication is rejected for some reason the ui goes back to the password prompt. If I restart x with ctrl+alt+backspace it restarts lightdm and brings back the user prompt. This workaround might not go over very well…

Thanks in advance,

I didn’t really follow your configuration. I really don’t know much about thin clients, but that is what it sounds like you are doing (in which case, might fully explain why I didn’t follow your description) … in any regard, there are known bugs regarding password and authentication on the greeter

If I recall (cause I did run into the missing password field myself), use of the -sharevts resolved that … however, that then introduces you to the ctrl-c bug … which is itself resolved by -keeptty: Bug #893590 “Control-C causes LightDM to restart in a Multiseat ...” : Bugs : Ubuntu

For the authentication issues see: Assigned bugs : Bugs : Robert Ancell


Thanks for the reply. These are single seat netbook computers (Dell Latitude 2100 and Asus Eee PC 1000HE). I simply just want the login and password dialog boxes to show at the same time. Right now just the user name appears and the user is advanced to the password field after hitting enter or clicking Login. See below: