openSuSE 12.2: taglib and non-ascii id3 entries


Last week, I’ve installed openSuSE 12.2 on two laptops, one 64 bit and a 32 bit netbook. There were no problems in the installation, and I’ve immediately upgraded to kde 4.9.1 from the repos.

In amarok (and also pinkytagger, a tool for editing id3 entries of mp3 files and also some other tagging applications, I don’t remember in detail anymore) id3 entries with non-ascii characters (in my case German umlauts) have been distorted. After some googling and playing around I figured out that taglib is the culprit. Also upgrading to taglib 1.8 from the KDE:UNSTABLE:PLAYGROUND repository has not helped.

What helped was to download the taglib 1.8 sources from the official homepage

and compiling them myself helped. It worked under both the 64 bit and the 32 bit system.

Better do that in -> or you are going to have the exact same problem in the next openSUSE version.

It’s probably related to the rusxmms patch in the openSUSE package.