[opensuse 12.2] LibreOffice 3.5:build-413 -- freezes

Greetings, I just tried to update a 200 pages document with libreoffice, I had at least 15 freezes (top indicates it was running at 96% CPU) no hand on Writer and I was forced to kill it.
I did many updates during the last year and never had such behaviour, I can’t remember what changed in the configuration since the last time I used this document without any problem.

My questions are:

Where I could wipe out the caches created by LibreOffice Writer ?
Is there a “reset to default” in the configuration of LibreOffice ?
These are the parameters I have: trying doing so showed me LibreOffice won’t launch anymore… for the root user only…

I will delete the config file and try again…

Out of support…

Is your experience unique to this one document.

Yep out of support ^^

This is the first and only file that causes problem… as far as I used libreoffice.

The application has been reinstalled and setting files deleted… the issue is the same.

If I edit the file (in the middle, for example page 49 on 206) it suddenly freeze and never give the hand again…

I have the feeling that if I add pages from the end (append) it won’t have the same behaviour.

I will try to separate the different chapters in new files…