openSUSE 12.2: kslideshow doesn't rotate Canon CR2 raw files


I have two installations of openSUSE 12.2. One with stock KDE 4.8 and one with KDE 4.9 from KR49.

On both machines I have setup kslideshow to randomly show images from my collection. A lot of these images are Canon CR2 raw files in portrait mode.

Now the problem is that kslideshow presents these portrait images in landscape mode. That is, kslideshow doesn’t obey to the exif rotation information.

JPEG images in portrait mode are shown correctly though.

digiKam shows the images rotated, so it’s possible to do it.

If I remember correctly the same images were displayed rotated in e.g. openSUSE 12.1.

Is there anything I can do to make kslideshow rotate the images?


And by kslideshow I mean the slideshow screensaver.


I think you’re going to need to submit a KDE bug report for this:

FWIW, I did find an old bug, which has supposedly been resolved:

I found that one me to. I haven’t looked at the source yet but I will do that. Can it be that it has not been built with libkexiv support?