[opensuse 12.2 -- konsole 2.8.5] how to launch application in full screen mode ?

Greetings !!

I tried many things using programming language to set the Konsole size to full screen.

For example:

**#ifdef _DBUS_ON
    DBusError DBUSerreur;
  DBusConnection *ConnexionAuBureau=dbus_bus_get(DBUS_BUS_SESSION,&DBUSerreur);
        DBusMessage *message;
            //wprintf(L"[DBUS] envoi du message");

It works really good but unfortunately, the following instruction that hides a call to ioctl() – TIOCGWINSZ – function…


…gets the terminal dimensions BEFORE DBUS triggered the fullscreen mode :{

It seems to be impossible to tell Konsole that the size changed and the new parameters must be updated before being read by GetConsoleDimensions() call :{
I did not find very precise documentation concerning the DBUS layer related to Konsole – which I suppose could get and set parameters such terminal dimensions.

I got some clues but the different properties that I could get are set in pixels and I have to get the font size to try to determine approximately how many lines and columns I got for this Konsoleioctl() can give me both (pixels and lines/columns).

To avoid having my head busted, I’m trying to set Konsole in full screen before launching the application.
I first thought about a shell (.sh) but it also failed.

konsole rpg2014

…produces konsole(21005) Konsole::KeyboardTranslatorReader::readNext: Command “”"" not understood

I have no particular knowledge in shell to do the following:

Calling Konsole and execute rpg2014 in this session, with the fullscreen enabled.

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance !