opensuse 12.2 install hangs on prepare system for initial boot

Installing opensuse 12.2 on new machine - see Machine #1 specs below.
Os is on a OCZ Vertex4 SSD [sda1, ext4, GPT] along with a small partition for /efi/boot [sda2, Fat32].
[sdb1 - 5]/home, /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/log, Music are on a separate HDD [WD Velociraptor, ext4, GPT]

During the installation process I chose to reloacte the boot from root to my /efi/boot partition.
The installation went fine and quickly up until:

prepare system for initial boot

Where it is now sitting for the past 1/2 hour.
The BUSY signal is occurring with the mouse pointer, but no other action has occurred since.
I guess I will have to Abort installation. Do you think this might damage my SSD?

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Have no idea why your install failed, but in any case I can’t think of any way a failed install should damage a drive of any type.


I don’t think boot is supposed to be in efi partition. and yes screwing up the efi partition could cause you major problems.

Thank you for replying. I did finally get things going in the right direction. The problem was mainly my not understanding the EUFI, and while I am still getting into learning of that, my system is now installed and booting properly.?]