openSUSE 12.2 GRUB Xmas

It’s past mid-January but I still got the Christmas Penguins theme once today (I had to boot from DVD three times; once I got the Xmas theme, twice the regular GRUB screen)- how normal is this? I immediately thought my computer’s date was incorrectly set until I verified it wasn’t. What’s the story on this?

On 01/17/2013 09:56 AM, zito cruz wrote:
> Today is January 17 but I still got the Christmas Penguins theme once
> today - how normal is this? For a while it made met think my computer’s
> date was incorrectly set until I verified it wasn’t. Can I expect this
> year-round.
> BTW, I booted from the 12.2 DVD.

AFAIK, the probability function is symmetric, and you are as likely to get that
theme 23 days after Christmas as you were 23 days before.

So it’s set for 23 days away from Christmas? Thanks, lwfinger.

:smiley: It’s malware. Neutralize it with the gfxboot command as root, enter in terminal:

gfxboot --change-config penguin=0

Thanks for the code. I’ll use that on my hdd install, but I got the penguins when booting from DVD. I’m just wondering when the probability of the penguins showing up is 0 (zero). I mean, how long after Christmas when it stops showing that screen?
What happened is I upgraded my BIOS and then boot using the SUSE DVD, so when I saw the splash I thought to myself, oh no the CMOS clock got reset to something like Jan. 1 and something went wrong. That wasn’t the case but it crossed my mind is it normal to see it in the middle of January…
So if anyone can pass on a definitive answer as to when the screen should stop showing (I actually heard it’s supposed to be no later than Dec. 31) then please let me know?

BT, the penguin=-1 (auto) in the gfxboot.cfg file on my openSUSE disc.

Yes, probably as the creatures’ first time out on a system I had neglected for some time (well before Christmas) was probably after New Year. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t keep a calendar, and once appeared (high probability it will), it keeps going, maybe ad infinitum (not sure).

There’s usually a new thread about it before Christmas, but not this year. Is it possible that grub2 could have disabled the malware? Using legacy grub here so I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Yes, the penguins don’t show up with grub2.

Thank you all for the repiles. BTW, this happened when I booted from the openSUSE 12.2 DVD and I don’t know whether it uses GRUB 1 or 2. Interestingly, using 12.2 installed to my hard disk, I got the penguin scene before Christmas. But yeah, todait happened with the DVD.
AFAIK, openSUSE is the only major OS in the world to bake this kind of Easter egg into it’s boot loader. It’s benign enough, yet causes too much ado over nothing. If I saw a Windows boot screen change I would immediately think the computer or it’s software were compromised. I guess that’s why Microsoft/Apple/Red Hat don’t do that kind of thing…
Well then, am I safe to assume Xmas Penguins can indeed come in mid-January? If so I’ll be closing this thread soon. Again, thanks to all who’ve taken the time to help.