OpenSUSE 12.2 DVD setup.exe Reformatted Disk Drive

this is a major bug for OpenSUSE 12.2 DVD distribution for x64.
i burned DVD and launched setup.exe on XP 32-bit to get to check that disk was burned fine.
setup.exe FORMATTED MY LAST ACCESSED drive and wrote linux boot into it
(just by launching setup.exe, just got to 1st screen)
i consider this a major screw-up that i never seen;

Considering that openSUSE 11.2 isn’t even released yet, perhaps you might like to recompose that report and provide the correct versions, and the exact sequence of steps you took to get that problem?

openSUSE 12.2
Where did you get that from. Maybe you mean 11.2?

Personally I would never recommend running the dvd from inside windows. I have never tried it either because I don’t use windows.
And if you are refering to 11.2 - you do realize it’s a development release! You should never use it on a machine you need to be able to use (Unless you are very experienced)
Most of us run development on a sandbox.