openSuSE 12.2 CD/DVD Labels - Print up a storm!

Yep yep, here they are.

Usual place, usual time :slight_smile:

Vintage PCs and more

As always, feedback/comments/questions below, I’ll do my best to answer in a timely manner.

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Got the three I use. You are the greatest for making these for us VintagePC.

Thank You Very Much!!!

Gladly done. Something small I can give back for a great distro.

Awsome effort VintagePC! :slight_smile:

Nice job! Thanks!

I used your label to write the LightScribe label on my installation DVD. The result was … not too good :slight_smile:
It was worth a try though, because your label was really nice.

I have found it is best to convert such stuff to Black and White first for LightScribe and if it looks bad, no need to burn it to a disk. It really needs to be very simple and B&W to work well. However, these new pictures work GREAT in color on a printable label!!!

Thank You,

Ah Vintage,

Thank you again for the fine work you do. I’ve got them downloaded & I’ll print up my covers tonight!

Yeah, lightscribe is one of those things… If it was more common I’d consider making a separate set for it, but I find that often if you play with saturation and contrast/lightness in an image editor before burning, you can get something that looks good. Part of the issue is the coloured backgrounds, but a plain white label would just look like, well, a boring plain white label with copy-pasta logos on it :slight_smile: