Opensuse 12.2 Asterisk repository

I would like know how i use asterisk on opensuse 12.2?

In openSUSE 12.2 I guess you would install the kiax application to communicate to an Asterisk PBS Server, but I am not the expert on this. Your question is about as stark as it can get. Perhaps a few more details are in order for your request, none the lest of which if you understand openSUSE 12.2 is not yet in final release?

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I couldn’t install from the above repositories.

Instead I found this repo, where Asterisk 1.8 was found:

Index of /repositories/network:/telephony:/asterisk-1_8/openSUSE_12.2

Sorry - I was runing 12.1, so the repo was:

Index of /repositories/network:/telephony:/asterisk-1_8/openSUSE_12.1