openSUSE 12.1 | Nvidia 96xx | Gnome 3 rendering issues

Hi, all!

I’ve downloaded and verified (md5) the openSUSE-12.1-DVD-i586.iso. It did install normally and in the first login GNOME 3 goes into fallback mode (nouveau driver). So, no new user experience!
After that I’ve chose to install the nvidia driver via yast[1], no problem as well. After reboot I could login and see the smooth design of the GNOME 3, but … see(in the pictures) what happened when I started some apps:

Now open nautilus

Nautilus and System Settings

This whitening does not happens instantly, but just a few seconds after I launch any app. So with this I could not enable the GNOME fallback mode. I had to install the kde4(via zypper) and then using alt+f2 start the gnome-control-center and enable the fallback mode.
In the kde4 session I’ve noted that after I start an application I can see (quickly) that whitening (as well) but it disappear faster too and I can work on normally.

I’ve though installing the driver(nvidia) the hard way[2] would circumvent that problem, but it doesn’t change anything.

Have you seen this behavior? Can you help to fix gnome problem?


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[2] SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE

Yes, on GeForce FX 5500 with nvidia 173. Not the same driver but it might be the same issue. Texture from pixmap doesn’t work. It’s unusable with Gnome3. Notice that Ubuntu/Unity works, but not Gnome-shell.

No. If you want to use Gnome3 on this hardware, you have to use nouveau.

Ok, I’ll keep using gnome in fallback mode. I hope that Nvidia release a new version fixing this problem.

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On 2011-12-28 02:36, gilbertoca wrote:
> Ok, I’ll keep using gnome in fallback mode. I hope that Nvidia release a
> new version fixing this problem.

Have you reported in Bugzilla?

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I’m having the same problem.
card: Geforce4 MX GPU
Any solution?

There isn’t a solution yet. It doesn’t work. I’m not sure there will be a solution in the future. Neither nvidia nor the Gnome3 developers (AFAIK) care about these old graphics cards. Here are the options you have:

  • Use nouveau (the open source driver installed with openSUSE) or nv if you have trouble with nouveau.
  • Don’t use Gnome shell. Fallback mode is OK. But you should enforce fallback mode because part of the bug is that it doesn’t switch automatically…
  • Use KDE or another DE
  • Use Ubuntu with Unity (still using compiz)
  • Get a newer Nvidia (not ATI!) graphics card.

The problem is knowledge of both?
If Yes, perhaps in the future have a solution.
At this point the linux distributions no longer to be desired.

No longer to be desired? There are lots of other Desktop Environments
to use on older hardware, I use blackbox myself for those systems, sure
you don’t have all the bling, but it’s still a productive system for an
end user without having to upgrade the hardware…

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Hi, all!
I’ve news about it.
I’ve just installed the Mesa-nouveau3d[1] driver and after that a could use the gnome 3(I’m using it right now!). But … (he (the but)again! :))

See the letters on Gnome Shell?

The letters again

With this Mesa driver I can use it, but I feel it more slow and appear new log messages[2].