opensuse 12.1, kde, hex editor

Hello all.

I’m looking for a hex editor for suse. It needs to be able to structure data to make it easier to edit, including custom data structures and marking with different colors data units within a structure. The existing “Empire Earth I” are very limited. Thanks.

Have you tried ghex? It can be installed from YaST in either openSUSE 11.4 and 12.1 for sure, just search on ghex:

This is what I have used before. You might see if it works for you.

Thank You,

KDE has Okteta, now integrated in kdesdk, apparently. There’s also something called KBytesEdit that may interest developers.

FYI in mswin, EEunit works, but work won’t work on objects and EEunit2 crashes. I have the skills to program this, but i’m busy with the EE project. Also, I have to learn GTK2 first.

Thanks, i’ll check out those hex editors.