openSUSE 12.1 installation on a NFS filesystem for diskless client

My diskless client has no disk :slight_smile: so my intention is to boot from a server and mount the root filesystem from a NFS server.

Now I wanted to install oS 12.1 from a DVD on USB to that NFS filesystem, but was not able to configure the network card during the installation process. First I tried F4 on the very first screen, then “Network Config” and chose DHCP. Then trying to install, but didn’t work to find the NFS server.

Next trial (which worked for 11.4): on the screen “Installation Mode” I checked “Include Add-On Products…” even though I didn’t want to do that, but the first action then is to configure the network card. Not so with 12.1! After confirming to “Run the Network Setup”, there was a note “Probing network cards…”, but that was it. The setup was skipped. With 11.4, I could configure the card, go back and install on the NFS filesystem (in the end booting would not work, that’s why I’m trying now with 12.1…).

So: how can I configure the network card during the installation process?

Did you verify the download, before writing it to USB?

Second, I have my doubts if your procedure is correct. Are you working according to some instructions? If so, please post a link, would be very interesting.

Yes, md5 checksum is ok. I wrote to DVD (I used an USB DVD drive, sorry for the misunderstanding).

I don’t have any instructions. I just use what I find on the installation screens. In general it should be possible to install on a NFS directory, and for that configure the network card. As I wrote, it was successful with openSUSE 11.4.