OpenSUSE 12.1 - Graphical environment will not load

I just installed OpenSUSE 12.1 on a new partition on a computer that also has several Windows installations and two other functional OpenSUSE installations (10.3 and 11.1). After a smooth and uneventful installation of 12.1, the graphical environment would not load. My system consists of an MSI K9A2 motherboard, AMD dual-core 64-bit processor, 4 GB RAM, 4 hard drives of various sizes, and an NVIDIA GTX 460 video card. Where do I go from here to troubleshoot and get KDE running?

Two things you can try 1 on the log in screen hit f5 and choose systemv
2 With systemd go to vt2 log in as root and enter kdm That worked for me while I was playing with openSUSE 12.2 and systmd wouldn’t load the graphical

Thanks for the amazingly quick reply! I rebooted without doing anything (well, nothing except for taking the installation DVD out of the drive) and KDE started this time. Please disregard.

I toook my netbook to the local coffee shop and installed there (dd’d thumb drive. Installed in less than 30 minutes. And could only boot into a blank screen. It turned out my display settings were set to the external vga only. When I had my display hooked up there was my kde desktop happy as could be.