openSUSE 12.1 DVD Install On Lenovo T61 - Reboot On Install Hanging

I installed 12.1 using the 32-bit DVD on a lenovo thinkpad t61 with an nvidia quadro nvs 140m graphics card. Everything seems fine to me, but I’d like to ask about a problem that occurred during installation. After installing packages, etc, the rebooting didn’t complete normally. After the black screen with text came on there was one line of output added about something and it was “done”, but that was it. I waited a bit and when I saw the hard drive wasn’t going anymore I forced a power off. Power on, the dvd was still in and its menu came up. I selected to boot from hard disk and then came grub. I selected the opensuse entry and it started booting. I pressed Esc to get rid of the splash screen and I saw a couple of recovering journals. Then I got a message about the installation failing and a question if I wanted to continue. Clicking yes, the automatic configuration continued and that was it.

Does anyone know a possible reason why the installation hanged on rebooting?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Does anyone know a possible reason why the installation hanged on rebooting?
Are you just asking that, but now everything is OK.

Yes, everything seems fine to me. I’m just asking because if someone has an idea what the problem was then I might reinstall just to find out. Overall my experience with 12.1 has been very good. I’ve installed on three different laptops and the t61 has been the first to have a hiccup during installation.

This sometimes seems to happen. I remember seeing a thread here where there was even some explanation. Because the ongoing status of the installation is properly saved, any reboot (like you did by power off/on) will resume in the correct place. Thus the installation is OK (as you found out).

If you want to find a better explanation about the failure to auto-reboot, you have to search the forums or wait for that particular poster to reemerge. :frowning:

The initial reboot uses kexec (I think)
This basically reboots the OS, without rebooting the system to the BIOS.
Additionally the move to systemd has presented some issues with hardware and rebooting.

But if your system seems OK, and it sounds it. I would leave it be. Unless you are really interesting in bug reporting to the devs

Thanks for all the info. I was wondering if I had a messed up installation, but it doesn’t seem so. :slight_smile:

Yes, sometimes these forums not only help with technical, but also with psychological problems :wink:

Or, to say it otherwise, it is very usefull to talk with fellow users when you are not quite sure about your experiences.