opensuse 12.1 cmus - audio cd not being found


Subject says most and other audio players including decibel find the cdda and the command to add selections from a cd for cmus <:add cdda://> says the file can not be found. What am I not getting, or what is opensuse not getting correct from me?


I do not use cmus but here are some links for its usage that might be helpful:

C* Music Player

A Really Quick Guide to cmus

man - cmus (1) - C* Music Player

I normally install Asunder from Packman, use it to rip my audio CD and then play the music with Amarok or you can just play the CD directly from Amarok or other player. Audio CD’s do not get mounted like other file systems and there are issues if you have more than one optical player (as in who is /dev/cdrom), but if you have a player that works but can’t find the cdda data, it sounds like a configuration problem with that player, something the links above might help with.

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