OpenSuse 12.1 | ATI | problem with the image

Hello, I’ve got with the image with my suse. It happens when you open menus (the right button on mouse) or change app ( like opening Firefox) before it shows what it should show, it give me some piece of image from my last activity. For example, I was checking my email and after that I wanted to create now folder by clicking the right button on the mouse and before I see menu, I see piece of google logo. Sometimes is not and image but some piece of rubbish.
I’ll show you a picture when I was activating yukuake :
My laptop is asus f5sl series.
I installed Fglrx, done radeonhd from : SDB:Radeonhd - openSUSE and also installed : kcm-qt-graphicssystem.
Can anyone help me ?
On 11.4, when I was doing a shutdown I was getting inverted and increased image of my last activity, but that was all, now my image crash so bad.

p.s. Sorry for my english, I know it sucks, but I hope you understand what kind of problem I got.