OpenSuse 12.1 and network problems with usb adapters


I was using OpenSuse 11.x and some days ago I decided to move to 12.1
I make new “clean” installation from the Internet (Network installation).

After installation I faced a network problem.
I’ve got 2 adapters: 1 integrated with motherboard and one D-Link USB Ethernet adapter.

The first works fine, but the usb one doesn’t. It receives IP adres from my ISP by DHCP but I can’t ping my gateway nor DNS. DNS requests are not to be resolved.

I get something like that:

unknown host
PING 56(84) bytes of data.
From  88.29.21. icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable
From  88.29.21. icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable

I find out that network restart is not working, but if boot with out USB Ethernet adapter and plug it in after boot is completed my USB network works fine!

What I’m to do to fix this problem?


Check for routing problems.

ip route

will tell you what is happening.

Will check…
but #route tells me:
default route, route to my ISP network, some 169.* network… and route to localhost :slight_smile:
When booting with out USB card and plugging it after booting the output of route is the same as when booting with the device. But when booting with the device network doesn’t work and when plugging it after booting network works…

And it gets the ip in both cases ? Are you using NetworkManager ?

yes… it gets IP from DHCP server in both cases.
How to figure out if I’m using NetworkManager?
All packages are right from the box…

Easiest would be to check if you’ve got the checkbox marked in YaST.

remove that NetworkManager.
I was not using it any ways… :slight_smile:
That didn’t help.

Well actually using it might help IMO :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile:
I’ve re installed it, but can’t find in menu…
Where it is?)

My system crashed this weekend and this time with out my participation.
KDE failed to be loaded by some reasons…
I’ve re-installed the OS in console mode…
And now I have no problems with my USB network adapters… My previous Suse 11.x was consoled too…
Is it possible that problems with USB network adapters are caused by KDE?..
For me and for now this problem is solved.

Well anything is possible but you need to search the logs for hints. I don’t know where you can search for KDE logs but for system crashes you can check /var/log/messages.