opensuse 12.1 64bit, very long boot-time

I have opensuse 12.1 64-bit
The boot-time is very long.
It hangs at

   12.042362] systemd[1]: [/etc/init.d/cups:19] Failed to add LSB Provides name cupsd.service, ignoring: File exists

What can I do.

At grub menu
I think it’s F5 gives you the opportunity to switch to systemV
Try that

Thanks, now it works.

To make it perm
Do this
SUSE Paste

Having same problem with sysinitd, my boot stops at fsck, no disk activity or anything, just hangs there for 10 minutes, later it boots (something times out or what?).

Just wanted to note: with sysconfig editor, should be /sbin/sysvinit (not /bin/sysvinit). Anyway this change did not seem to do anything, so I had to add init=/sbin/sysvinit manually, in grub parameters for my boot entry (Yast2 -> System -> Boot Loader).

Sorry for digging up quite old thread.


I updated the fix on that

hi welcome to this forum site. you can find many things in this site. when i use this the system is hang for a short time.

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